About Us

I am Regan, I am thirteen years old and with the help of my mom I have created this blog.

I have severe asthma, and while it seems under-control right now.. I was admitted to the hospital four times just last year. I have also been sick countless times and have spent hours and hours in doctors offices and the ER. I also have bad allergies and chronic sinus infections, I have my whole life. I have lots of experiences with severe asthma, it has affected me since I was two years old.

I started this blog with a hope to educate, inspire and encourage other people living with the disease I have. Through sharing my stories and experiences I hope to do this.

I love cheerleading, painting and hanging out with my friends. I also love traveling with my parents and sister. I also enjoy advocating for asthma and allergies.

I hope you enjoy my “Adventures with Asthma”!