Busting Sterotypes

Regan with Fish

As I grow older, I am beginning to notice more stereotypes that exist regarding asthma – these are inaccurate representations that cause people to misunderstand the disease.

Recently in English class at school, we read “The Lord of the Flies.” The book begins by introducing the character Piggy who stands out as being very different from the others. He is portrayed as lazy, not athletic and weak. He also suffers from asthma. He explains that his asthma has prevented him from learning to swimming which causes Ralph to make fun of him.

I also recently watched the movie “Shrek” with my cousins. The donkey in the movie has asthma and is unable to fend off the dragon because its smoky breath was unhealthy for the “asthma donkey” to breathe in.

Most people believe asthma looks like the scrawny boy on the sideline reaching for his inhaler, or the overweight kid who cannot keep up. On behalf of all those with asthma, I wish there was a more accurate portrayal and better understanding of asthma in art and media.

Yes, I spend days being ill, but when I am healthy, I make every day count. I am an all-star cheerleader and I’m on the swim team. I have won academic awards and I get great grades.

I want other people to understand that asthma does not define me. It does not make me weak; it makes me strong.

2 thoughts

  1. If people with asthma are eating/drinking dairy products that would be very bad for their asthma. Soy milk, rice milk and almond milk are just as bad.


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