The Hospital, What to Bring and What to Expect

Sometimes with severe asthma, you may have to be admitted to the hospital or stay in the emergency room (ER) for long periods. Being admitted to the hospital can be scary because you do not know what to expect or what might happen next. The access to different types of doctors, medications, and medical tests does help. Being in a controlled environment, away from things I am allergic to, is also helpful; sometimes the hospital is the best place for me.

What to Expect

You will spend time in the ER getting evaluated. Once I spent a day in the ER getting my asthma under control so that I would not have to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). I know that sounds super drastic, but it just means more care is needed.

When you are admitted, you will receive breathing treatments or continuous oxygen until you start breathing better. Usually, they space out the treatments until the breathing improves, but in very rare cases you may need a breathing tube.

You will see different doctors, nurses, residents and respiratory therapists who change with each shift. There may also be child-life specialists who will talk with you and bring you games and crafts.

What to Bring:

Unfortunately, I have become quite the pro at hospital stays. Here are my tips!

·   Bring all your medications so the doctors know exactly what you are taking and in case you may need to take them while you are there.

·   I bring my own pajamas, blankets, and pillows. I also bring fuzzy socks so that I can walk around without having to put on shoes or walk barefoot on the hospital floor. I love fuzzy socks!!!

·   Bring everything you need to stay busy or entertained! Phone, laptop, books, homework, etc.

·   Showering is not always easy in the hospital, so I bring dry shampoo and baby/face wipes!

·   Chapstick is a must for me — breathing treatments can make your lips dry.

·   It is also helpful to bring a notebook so that when you ask your doctors questions you can write down their answers!

Feel better soon and I hope these tips help!

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