Access to great doctors and specialists is important

 I have severe asthma, and while it is under control right now, I was admitted to the hospital four times last year. I missed school and spent a lot of the year being sick; this year, I have not been to the hospital once. While I can tell my story and the trials and tribulations of having severe asthma, I am not sure where I would be without my team of specialists and doctors at the Pediatric Lung Center who have never given up on me!
I have seen Doctor Kapoor for most of my life; even as my asthma became more severe, he continued to work with me until I could live a normal healthy life again. 

When he took my records home for the weekend and reviewed them on his kitchen table, we knew I was in good hands. Not only is Dr. Kapoor a dedicated doctor, but he is always straightforward and has a great sense of humor. He has always encouraged me not to let asthma keep me indoors or from being a normal kid. 

This year has been the best year yet. I am on a regime of antibiotics, oral steroids, and a biologic. In time, we hope to taper some of the medications. I am finally active again, I can do the things I love, including several sports, and I feel like I have my life back. 

Not only is my doctor terrific, but the nurses are also. The last time I was there for an appointment, one of my favorite nurses told me that she almost cried when a doctor told her how well I spoke at an event because she was proud of me. We never envisioned how much time we would spend there; it’s nice to know they care about me as an individual. The receptionists are always great. They remember me and check me in and say hello – clearly I am a regular. I am lucky to have access to a pediatric pulmonologist, and a staff that I know will not give up on me! 

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  1. I am sure that all of your healthcare providers appreciate you and are so proud of you! Great post!


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