Knowing Your Limits- staying active with asthma

As a teenager, it is easy to feel invincible and forget that you have asthma. If you are Someone, like me, who doesn’t like to give up, it is essential for you to know and remember your limits and have the right attitude and perspective.

As an athlete, during a tournament or at practice, if you get out of breath, you have to train your mind to ask yourself several key questions: 

Is this asthma making it hard to breathe or is this just me working hard?  

Should I push harder and run faster, or go get my inhaler? 

Am I making excuses for myself?

I know that I often think of these thoughts. 

While asthma is a disease, it does not mean that you cannot be active. Taking a break is not being weak. Asthma is real. Taking an inhaler or a time out is OK!  

Everyone has different limits, but you must know yours! When I start to wheeze, cough or my lungs hurt, I know it is asthma, not just exhaustion, and that it is time for me to use my inhaler.  

Be sure to know how far you can push yourself safely and don’t be afraid to speak up and/or sit out. It is essential to use your inhaler, follow your asthma action plan, know and avoid your triggers. Also, if you have asthma, colds and the flu can cause flare-ups, so try to get plenty of

rest and avoid getting sick. Asthma can set limits for you, but it doesn’t have to stop you! 

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