Coughing and the Corona Virus

As I am sure everyone knows, a national pandemic has come across our country, canceling school, closing restaurants, and causing quarantine.

The storm it caused began in March, and it looks like the end is still far away.

During this time, where everyone is wearing masks in the grocery store, washing their hands multiple times a day, and sanitizing everything, a simple cough can cause panic. A cough in the grocery store could cause dirty looks and judgment because it is a symptom of COVID-19. But, thankfully, for me, any cough I have is just my seasonal allergies.

My family is in quarantine; we aren’t going to public places except for necessary trips to the grocery store. Walking outside or playing on the trampoline with my sister is the only way I can escape the walls of my house. Unfortunately, it is spring! For me, this is the height of my seasonal allergies. I was even admitted to the hospital two and three years ago this week!

Thankfully, I have not had a severe asthma flare. But to the person who sees me cough, I promise, it is just allergies.

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