COVID’S Birthday

The words “covid,” “quarantine,” “corona,” and wearing masks have officially been a part of everyday life for over a year. 

Thanks to my asthma (how often do I say that?), I was able to receive the covid vaccine this past week. Fortunately, I did not experience any symptoms besides a slight headache.  I was very grateful to get the vaccine, and am excited to receive my second one. 

As there begins to be a light at the end of the tunnel, or pandemic, I have reflected on how my own experiences with covid have differed from others because of my asthma. I know that a common cold or flu can throw my asthma into a complete spiral, which added to my family’s trepidation regarding COVID-19. 

Unlike the majority of my peers in my area, I have been in school since August. With breathing already being a task that isn’t always the easiest for me, I was worried about wearing a mask for seven hours straight during the school day!  I wondered if I would struggle to breathe throughout my classes. However, I have had no issues wearing a mask all day. I have also not gotten any colds or viruses this year. I usually get several. I would assume that this can be accredited to my increased hand washing, surface wiping, mask-wearing, and social distancing! 

Recently, with spring allergies just beginning, I have had a few crises… How do you sneeze when you’re wearing a mask? I am still figuring that one out!

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