COVID and Coughing Continues

We’ve heard that colds and the flu could be more prevalent this year because they didn’t spread much last year when we were all masked and staying away from people. Furthermore, my pulmonologist told me that he is seeing a rise in respiratory illnesses this year. 

A common cold recently traveled between my “friend group,” and despite my best efforts to avoid it, I got it. 

While my cold-like symptoms of a sore throat, headache, and stuffy nose are gone, I still have a lingering cough and slight wheeze. I have been doing nebulizers for the past few days, and yesterday I started an antibiotic and steroid. I am starting to get on the other side of this “hump.”  

According to the Mayo Clinic, “If you have asthma, even a mild cold can lead to wheezing and tightness in your chest. Colds and the flu are among the most common causes of asthma flare-ups, especially in young children.”

Two days ago, my coughing at school was pretty bad. One of my teachers or peers reported my coughing to the school nurse. Despite being COVID tested the day before, I had to answer some questions and receive a health exam. I reiterated my health history and explained to my *amazing* nurse that I had already been to the doctor twice for this cold. 

While it was, honestly, a little annoying to be pulled out of class, I know everyone just wants to remain healthy. My friend, also with a cough, was pulled out the next day! It is reassuring to know that teachers and students are still paying attention to COVID, despite my school only having two positive cases this year! 

**Hi everyone, I wrote this post last month but with the chaos of getting ready for my national pageant, college applications, and classes, I am just now posting it. Sorry for the delay! – Regan

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